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sawatdee ka.
First blog post in Bangkok!

I have an insane shopping itch nowwww omg. But we can't go to JJ market tomorrow because we have to WORK. ON A SATURDAY. That's right. There's no such thing as 5 day week here. My work schedule is 9am to 6pm from Monday to Fridays and Saturday is 9am to 2pm in the afternoon ))): But I BOUGHT 3 TOPS DURING LUNCH TIME WTF. I was surprised at myself. HAHAH. I have to justify though, that they're not new. They're second hand but they look fine. And i really love vintage clothes :D as long as i can pull it off i don't care.

Okay, so far I like my colleagues - Nan, Oat, Oaum and Took. Those are their nicknames, don't ask me what their real names are. We had free chicken rice today haha, have to treat them back before we leave. Chicken rice here ain't as good as Singapore though everything else is probably nicer. Actually, Thailand is like Taiwan - food everywhere is nice. Their chilli is really awesome 'cause it's spicy. Most Singaporean chicken rice chilli is more for flavouring then for burning-your-mouth goodness.

So far, its just that...and everyone has been really nice to me here, especially all my thailand 'uncles' and 'aunties'. In particular auntie ying - who brought us out for food and bought us all the crazy random things we needed ever since my parents left for Singapore. She's so motherly that she refuses to until we are showered and 'ready' for bed. This can't go on LOL. Have to be independent! It starts by washing my own clothes and speaking Thai to the real Thais and hope I'm not busted.

Okay, sleepy. Shall go surf 9gag for awhile then go to bed.


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