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Still haven't packed or decided what stuff I'm going to bring over to Bangkok. RARR.

Went to phuture last night with Gernaine and Yingzi (: Super impromptu. I wanted to as well, because I dug up a photo of us while packing. So guess what I did? I CUT MYSELF OUT AND BURNT HIS FACE OUT HAHAHA. Fucking therapeutic, after all that I went through in the past 5 months. I actually cried, the first time in like a month. After reading kaykay's tweets about her ex-boyfriend, I feel the same. I might be a crazy psycho bitch sometimes, I think i did my part in being a good girlfriend. Everything went well until it fell apart - it's like unravelling a whole woven carpet with one tug.

Sigh. On the up side, i had fun last night. PLUS WE GOT FREE ENTRY COURTESY OF YZ'S FRIEND :DDD
So we only spent about $25, half of what we would have to spend haha. And we got damn high, better than wednesday. I really think its' because of the alcohol and the twisties HAHA. They're like the must-haves now. Ohh and we met Seann last night on the bridge while drinking lolol. Such a coincidence lah.

AND WE HID THE BOTTLE OF BAILEY'S UNDER THE TREE HAHAHA. Crazy things. And I saw so many people last night =.= wtf. Valerian and swee liang etc.

one crying, one aunt agony, one fucking gone + 1. 


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